Attention Dieters & Healthy Meal Seekers…

Give Me 60 Minutes And I’ll Help You Drop Inches of Unwanted Belly Fat & Finally, Get Your Meals On Track In Any Environment

…if you ever struggled with understanding nutrition, optimal meals and are fed up with fad diets that don’t work… if you’re tired of getting thrown off with the next “popular” supplement or nutrition thing that doesn’t produce lasting results… if you’re wanting a practical, logical, solution to your meal and nutrition hurdles that you can help you see changes in the mirror…then read on…this message is just for you…

From Femi Doyle-Marshall

Owner, Author, Founder Of New Persona

Dear Friend:

I’ve finally done it!

In one hour of action packed nutrition knowledge goodness, eliminate the need of 90% of supplement products, fad diets and gimmicky shakes to produce long lasting body shaping muscle building, fat shredding results 😃.


For years I’ve been itching to create something that can help educate our local and global members on the concepts of nutrition.

A way to enforce positive habits with science based information to help them get total body transformation.

Let’s just say this seminar has been a long time coming.

So here is the thing.

What most people do when struggling to find an ideal  meal plan or the ultimate nutrition system is hop online, browse the web and follow the newest fad diet or worse…

Buy massive amounts of the next popular supplement. These things can range from completely cutting nutrients out of a normally healthy diet to consuming damaging quantities of unregulated products.

To be frank, for most people, none of that works.

  • Supplements traditionally are packed with fillers which can impact digestion and hurt the human body greatly in the long term.
  • Fad diets that exist on most websites strip vital nutrients from the body risking health and potentially damaging a person’s internal working systems.
  • Inaccurate nutritional information can lead a person to have deficiencies reducing daily performance, fat loss goal and even strength during workouts.

And this is just from following what everyone else is doing. The opposite option also exists by doing absolutely nothing.

What’s the negative of that?

I’ve seen this happen before.

Usually by not getting access to the right information you are left struggling to find the perfect supplement, diet or gradually move further and further away from your fitness or fat loss goals.

Scales could tip in the wrong direction.

Health could gradually deteriorate.

Budgets could crumble by investing in products that don’t work.


Enter, The Ultimate Nutrition Seminar

At this point I am sure you understand the hurdles of nutrition.

I can think back to the time that spawned the creation of one of my greatest seminar and I know I’ve got an answer that works.

Here’s the story.

In early 2017 I came up with an idea.

I wondered what would happen if I could pack all of the nutritional information I have gained from the 12 years of coaching clients on nutrition concepts into one hour of action packed awesomeness.

Would it be possible to teach someone who doesn’t have a firm grasp of nutrition, the fundamentals that can help them drop fat, build lean tight muscle or having other say “WOW!” in the mirror.

Flipping through the years of our corporate workshops it dawned on me…

It’s possible.

I had acquired priceless information from years of teaching members and

countless hours of study. It was mind-blowing what I realized I had sitting on my desktop and floating around in my mind:

  • Concepts of nutrition for total body health.
  • Understanding principles to easily calculate calories for muscle gain or fat loss.
  • Lists of the best sources of fat, protein and carbohydrates for easy nutrition.
  • Templates on ideal meal plans that would help supercharge any kitchen.
  • And much, much more…

I even recognized after I compiled all of the data that I had a system to calculate total intake for the day which would eliminate the need of counting calories.

A world where you could look at a meal and know exactly how much you were eating for the day.

A simplified system that anybody could implement into their daily life with ease.

It was like I got hit over the head with the ultimate nutrition system.

Something that could potentially change households forever.

It Changed My Life AND
These Awesome People As Well


Here’s what it did for me…

I was fed up of using the scale in every meal.

I got to a point where anytime I would need to go out to eat frustration would build up because I wasn’t sure of how much I needed to eat from other people’s food.

I was overwhelmed with having to take massive amounts of protein powders and other supplements to simply hit numbers in an app.

Things changed fast.

I started to go out and enjoy meals outside.

I was able to look at any dish I was having and easily calculate how it could fit into my daily, weekly even monthly targets.

I know longer was faced with having to take large amounts of supplements and could get to eat what I wanted when I wanted.

And it’s not just me.

A world where you could look at a meal and know exactly how much you were eating for the day.

A simplified system that anybody could implement into their daily life with ease.

It was like I got hit over the head with the ultimate nutrition system.

Something that could potentially change households forever.

Jake Hutton

The most honest easy approach to nutrition I have ever been exposed to. Leaving the seminar I honestly thought it wouldn’t work, it was too easy, I liked all the food he said I could eat! In 3 months of following this program and working out an average of once a week I lost 35lbs. Almost a year later I am pleased to say I have maintained to the weight loss and continue to use tips I learned to this day. 

This is my NEW PERSONA!!!! 

Jake Hutton
Ryan Dhanraj

The ultimate nutrition seminar helped me simplify what I really need to attain my weight loss goals. No need for tireless calorie counting. 

Ryan Dhanraj
Colleen Fernandes

UNS was a wonderful experience, packed with lots of information. I learned a lot about nutrition and learned how to calculate it and what and what not to include in my diet plan and came to know how to read the labels to choose the right food. This seminar helped me get to where I am today. 

Colleen Fernandes
Anton Amirthanathan

This seminar made me realize you don’t have to diet to lose weight but eat smart and put the right amount of calories and the right type of calories in your body to get the results. 

Anton Amirthanathan
Coreen Moodie

The ultimate nutrition seminar is awesome! It breaks your personalized nutrition into an easy to understand road map to eating for your specific goal in mind. With recipes, measurements & food ideas, it’s so simple you cannot help but do well. Along with your workouts, the ultimate nutrition seminar will definitely get you results!! 

Coreen Moodie

And Now It’s Your Time


When you get the Ultimate Nutrition System today, you’ll get the key to…

  • Unlock your own customized fat shedding, muscle toning body molding meal plan
  • Completely eliminate nutritional roadblocks and second guessing before you eat any dish
  • Become unshakable by gimmicky supplement products and fad diets to know exactly how to eat to change your body in a safe and effective way

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

There’s more…

Course One: The Power & Science of Macronutrients

Learn what are the core macronutrients that make up the calories you consume on a daily basis.

Get the facts on which have the most amount of energy for your body and can be modified to produce better results by simply tweaking your daily diet.

Course Two: Food Is Not Just Food (Quality Is Everything)

This section tackles the concept of calories. Understanding that what you put in your body will impact it in some shape or form is useful.

Applying that to an objective to get in better shape and it becomes powerful. In this packed portion of the seminar gain insight into this topic.

Course Three: Making It A Meal: Setting Goals For Transformation

Compiling all of the data in the earlier sections now use everything to form meal mastery. No longer will you wonder what a “good” meal looks like.

From this point modifying meals will be done with ease as you have the information that produced the results seen by many of our members over the past 12 years.

And that’s not all…

Individuals who register for the Ultimate Nutrition Seminar will also receive...

BONUS: The Ultimate Protein, Fat & Carbohydrate List (Valued at $97)

Ever wonder which foods are best to eat?

I thought of that and said why not make something fast and easy to follow when you are out and about thinking of achieving greatness beyond the kitchen.

This list is sorted into highest quality options to lowest with an idea of the benefits of each.


BONUS: Mega Meal Template Examples (Valued at $297)

Learn from some template meal examples from previous members on how your meals should look like.

Stop guessing with understanding complete meal mastery. Eliminate wonder by following through with concepts outlined already for you.

The Total Value of our program Bonuses is $394...

...but it’s yours FREE with purchase of the Ultimate Nutrition Seminar…

That’s right - this seminar if offered it again in person for the general public combining the coaching component, worksheets and actionable items together would be upwards $394…

But it all comes as part of the Ultimate Nutrition Seminar.



And finally, we are here.

When ever I take the time to create a program, product or seminar such as this a lot of time and thought goes into it. I want to put out the best piece of information that can help you better your life and make an impact in the community we live and serve.

You’re still waiting aren’t you…

Okay for you to get access to this one time seminar that produced fat shedding results for countless of members. An easy to use framework to make meals make sense in any environment and actually be able to keep up with the plan longer than a couple of weeks.

I’m not sure you’re ready for it.

(An entire ‘Nutrition Transformation Blueprint’ 100% easily transferable to life after attendance.)

Today with one click you can get my one of a kind seminar packed with bonuses to help you move forward nutritionally…. staying willing and able to follow through on the concepts…



And it’s that simple.

I’ve taken countless hours thinking of the best way to give you access to a seminar such as this at a rate that can help you achieve your goals.

I know this right here is the thing you’ve been looking for.

Yet at the end of the day it’s up to you. I want your health and fitness journey to be as easy for you if you truly want it.

But with that said, please realize …

This offer stands at this rate while this page is active. Meaning, at any point the demand can force me to increase enrollment fees due to the success it has had in the past. I don’t want you or anyone to miss out because the numbers get too big yet it’s a possibility if you wait too long…

Also, nothing changes by doing nothing… Many times, results are not taking place due to individuals failing to act when a good thing presents itself. If you are tired of guessing and want to get on track with your goals this may be that thing you’ve been waiting for.

Almost like a calling to get bigger, better nutrition results!

And these are just the few that came to my mind right now.

Taking charge of your plate can be powerful.

Your Backed & Protected By
Our Iron Clad Guarantee


Valuing the leap forward you are willing to take on your nutritional goals I’ve even opted to give you our Iron Clad Guarantee. By putting in the work. Focusing on the concepts outlined. Learning and acquiring the principles. You will move forward on your goals. I am so 100% confident in the outcome of you on this nutritional journey that if you are still not absolutely convinced that this was the best nutritional seminar offered to help you produce real transformation let us know and I will refund you your balance immediately. You have the ability to simply try this out. That’s all I’m suggesting.

The power to move forward is one click away…order below. get started click the "Order Now" button

Total Value Price: $394

Today's Price: $77

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Femi Doyle-Marshall

Founder, Head Coach, CIO
New Persona


PS – Nutrition is one of the hardest subjects to grasp. By learning and gaining the right information you access the tools that can better your body and results in less time. Why wait for what already works in front of you?

PPS – It is not often that a program like this is launched and open to the public. Many of my private coaching members and New Persona are first to see this detail. In one hour by watching you can save hundreds of dollars on supplements and other diets that don’t work. This is the seminar you want to be a part of…best part is you’ll always have access to it. Ready to move forward?

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Total Value Price: $394

Today's Price: $77

 All Resources Are Digital Nothing Will Be Shipped.



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